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May 2018

What’s going on?

Would you like to know what’s going on with our brothers and sisters in other Grand priories? I can

Imagine that around the world Templars are servicing the Lord Jesus Christ and making a difference. That's what I plan to bring to this column. World news. Unfortunately it’s taking longer then I thought so hang in there…it’s coming

Muslim Revival

I have seen a number of claims on the Internet on the fact that thousands of Muslims have been going to Christ. At first I thought it might just be fake news but then I started to dig a little deeper and found out some very interesting information.

Just last month 200 former muslins were baptised during a training conference in Europe. Mission leaders are saying that the numbers of Muslims becoming Christian is more in the last year then over the last thousand years of missions work.

We see on the news weekly terrosit attacks around the world by extremist Muslim groups. Probally most of you have heard in the past how hard mission work was among Muslims and how little was the fruit. I was extremely blessed and encouraged to find out that God is changing things.


Utlimately it is because God is preparing a great great great end time harvest where millions will come to know the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior. But there are some practical reasons to.

  1. Political Islam is driving Muslims to Christ. Religious Islamic dictorships are depriving people of fundamental human rights and leading them into despair.

  1. Wars and conflict. It is Christian charities that in many cases provide aid and assistence to Muslim refugees opening them to hear the claims of Christ. They see the compassion and love of Christ in action and it softens their hearts.

  1. Miracles, healings and answers to prayer are drawing hurting Muslims to Christ. In Iran the response to the miracles of Christ is so great that no other countrys is experiencing such groweth of Christianity. The response is growing greater and greater each day.

  1. Christian radio and tevelsion is having a tremendous impact in Muslim countries. There are now 24/7 Christian TV and radio stations that can go and reach where “human” missionaries can’t go.

  1. Churches are redevolping their outreaches to Muslim countries after a long dry spell. All the termoall, the refugee crises, war and conflict has broken down many of the political and family structures that have hindered the Gospel.

  1. God is exposing the truth about extreme Isalm. Many are now seeing that Isalm has roots in violence and where it dominates so does violence. (This is not to say that the average Muslim is violent. But in many cases political, extreme Isalm is.)

Dreams and Visions of Jesus

The most fasnicating fact that I found was the overwhelming numbers of Muslims who have claimed to have seen a vision of Jesus and have decided to follow Him. Not all have seen visions but many have. I was so encouraged to read that because that tells me that GOD IS WORKING! Don’t be discouraged by the negative news reports. God is working.

Saying all that it is still very difficult and dangerous for Musilms to come to Christ. One of our Templar brothers has met a Muslim family and he is interviewing them to share with us next month in this column. If you know of Muslims who have come to Christ or have lived in Muslim countries and they would be willing to share their testomonies please contact me at It would be a blessing to us all.

LTC Steve Wornoff USAF ret.

Bureau Chief 

International News

Brigadier General Ronald S. Mangum named Deputy Regent OSMTJ

April 2018

I Have been personally asked to share with you by our Grand Prior a letter from the General but first a little about Ronald Mangum. 

After 35 years of service to the U.S. Army, Ronald Mangum retired in 2004. His last assignment was in Speical Operations in Korea. 

Born in Chicago, Illonois on 14 November 1944, General Ronald Mangum has a BA in History from Northwestern University where he continued on to receive a Juris Doctorate Degree. 

In addition to this and about the time of his retirement he received an MA Degree from Norwich University in diplomacy and military science.

Now the letter from General Ronald S. Mangum.

"There appears to be a great deal of confusion and misunderstanding over recent events in our Order. Our Regent, Dr. Hastier, has asked me to be his assistant. My job is to assist him in every way possible. I replace no one because my position as Deputy Regent did not previously exist. If some feel 'displaced', that is their choice, not mine. I have been a member of the Templar Order for more than 25 years, and our Regent has been my dear friend for that time. As Deputy, I take no action in my own name; any action that I take is in the name of and with the approval of our beloved Regent. It has always been my goal to unify the many branches of Templarism, and I will continue to work toward that goal under the leadership of Dr. Nicolas Haimovici-Hastier. I hope that our Regent and I will continue to have your support. 

Brigadier General Ronald S. Mangum, Deputy Regent."

Willard N. Carpenter

Communications Executive Officer

Senior Editor

Seaking Witnesses!

April 2018

I will be writing the International section for our newspaper. I am really excited about this opportunity! I will be focusing on the international Christian community. 

 God is doing some incredible things in the world. Unforntuately many times we don’t hear about them. We hear about the shootings, the bombings, and the wars but not about God’s working. 

 You may be familiar with some of these things; some of the things I share may be new. But most of all I want you to be encouraged. 

God is not dead. His church is growing. The church of Jesus Christ is not a defeated church. 

 In order to accomplish this I need your help. I am looking for missionaries or contacts in overseas countries. I want to tell their story about what God is doing. 

We really want to get to the grassroots. To hear what is really happening. If you know of anyone servicing overseas who would be willing to share please let me know. 

Probally the best way is by email (although snail mail is fine too!). I would be glad to contact them and then report what God is doing back to you. We can then all rejoice together! 

 I live in West Sacramento, California and am retired. You can contact me by my email I look forward to talking to you!

LTC Steve Wornoff USAF ret.

Bureau Chief 

International News