Chevalier Fidèle

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Chevalier Fidèle  News of the OSMTJ  
National and International

On behalf of the communications leadership and editorial staff I would like to welcome you to Chevalier Fidèle the news site for the OSMTJ. 

Chevalier Fidèle is a monthly electronic newspaper/periodical of the Ordre Souverain et Militaire du Temple de Jerusalem (OSMTJ) United States Grand Priory. 

We strive to bring excellence in news reporting and stories  from our Priories and Commanderies at the national level and a limited international level. 

From our chaplains we will be bringing scripture based stories (The Lord's Corner) and prayer (Domine) 

We will also be bringing up to date news from the executive leadership of the Grand Priory.

Our new goal in communications will be to provide outreach to young people from around the nation who share in the benefit of membership. Part of this outreach will be in hearing what our young people have to say within our priories and camandaries thru Tomorrow's Voice. 

Again, welcome to Chevalier Fidèle

Willard N. Carpenter

Communications director 2018 

Former Senior Editor

Chevalier Fidèle

Welcome to the inaugural publication of the Chevaliers Fideles News of the OSMTJ.  It has been an exciting journey to watch this all come together.  

I asked God for help in founding this newsletter, and He gave me more than help; He gave me a Senior Editor.  At the time I was introduced to Willard Carpenter at National Conclave, I was not aware he was the answer to my prayer, but I found out soon enough.

I was given the task as National Communications Officer to create some form of publication with the goal that it would be one tool to bring our members together.  I was lost and explored many different options of newsletters.  

I am a retired coach with a history of bringing people together, but writing is something I have to work at.  Many nights I prayed to give me the knowledge of what needed to be done.  My answer came the week after returning from Conclave.

National Conclave empowered me. Meeting so many great Christians in our order and spending time in the mountains of West Virginia was just the ticket to escape the everyday drag of work. Even though I was meeting many for the first time, I felt I was surrounded by lifelong friends.  

The fellowship, the meetings, the charity event, and last the Investiture service created a spark in me like the old time revivals I would hear about as a child.  I wanted to fan that spark into a flame, and I thought communication between all the priories through a newsletter would be a way to keep the feeling alive. What I did not know was that God’s plan of the newspaper was already in motion.  

When I returned home, I started sending friend requests to the many people I met that attended.  I came to WIllard Carpenter’s Facebook page and “author/writer at TBI publishing and writer at the Boyertown Bulletin” popped out to me.  I called Willard, and I think my first word was “hello” and the second was “help.”  Things fell into place, and WIllard knew exactly what we needed to do--create a newspaper.

The first task was to orchestrate a team.  We sent a request out on Facebook asking for reporters, and the response was surprising.  In three days, fifteen reporters fell into place.  Willard’s response to me on the phone was, “God's fingerprints are all over this.”    

Our reporters come to the newspaper from all over the United States.  Some are published writers, and others have always had a passion to write but not had the opportunity.  They all come with the desire to honor God and share their stories.  I believe that God hand picked each one and feel that more will be coming over time.

The first reporters assembled are Richard De Ford, Doug Peterson, Ed Baker, Sergio Gonzalez Betancourt, Mark Malcolm, Victor Reeves, Castro Hawk, Kevin Dorsey, Don Meador, Andrew Heim, Cedria King, Stephen McElroy, Emory Raines, Earl Marion, and Julian Ramsey.  Their rank ranges from Companion at Arms to Prior.  

The formation of the newspaper is just one example of what God can do when Christians say, “I am willing to follow.”  Our order is spread across the United States, but we have so many that want to serve the Lord.  The willingness to live by the knight’s code of honor daily and be a light in this world.   I am excited about how this assembled team under the leadership of WIllard Carpenter will touch the lives of the readers.

The mission of the newspaper is to unite us.  We are separated by distance, but we are united by our faith.  We all have taken our vows as Knights and stand together.   I look forward to this journey, and who knows? Maybe a spark of an old time revival will come, led by Templars. 

Mark Mace

Education Director 2018

Former Communications Director


Knights Templar of America