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JULY 2018

ATTN Leaders : please fwd to your members .

anyone who is a member planning on attending the national con clave the weekend of August 25 . Please be sure to respond to the attendance registry email sent by the grand recorder / secretary Bob Zalner.
It is important for planning and our logistics of our event. If you are a member who has not received the email please contact Bob Zalner via Facebook so we can plan accordingly thank you very much . See you in August God bless you .
Grand seneschal
Fr caesar

Fr. Caesar Johnson

Grand Seneschal


Knights Templar of America

T. Bryant Jones                            A little History from the Grand Prior

Grand Prior 




June 2018

Greetings - we on the National Executive Council have agreed to add a new "position" to our ranks. Since there has been an increased interest of some of our youth to be involved in the Order, but too young to be Squires, it was agreed to add the rank of "Page". A Page will be a young man or woman, ages 7-13. Criteria to be a Page will follow that of being a Squire, as follows:

SQUIRE– A younger man or women, greater than 14 years of age but fewer than 18. Must have a relative or parent in the Oder, fully vetted, and reside in the same geographical location.

Connie Lee Carlisle Carson
Grand Commandent


June 2018

I have the great honor of congratulating Three great people today upon their promotions.

Nationally, I have the honor of announcing the promotion of John Harris as the new Prior of St. Andrews! It is an honor and promotion he well deserves. His new role as Prior starts today 5/29/18 and you may feel fee to contact him starting today. (See his picture below.)

With him, I want to congratulate his two most important Deputies, Seneschale Ken Brown, and Turco Trey Emery who will help John make this huge adjustment.

Internationally, we have the huge promotion of Sister ConnI

        Connie Lee Carlisle Carson    Grand Commandent


Thirdly, congratulations to Mark Mora upon his promotion to the Knight Commander of all of St. Mark's of Florida.
St. Marks in Florida is no longer part of St. Andrew's.

New Mexico and Lousiana will now be separate under a new leader.

T. Bryant Jones
Grand Prior

Investiture Service

May 2018

St. Louis Priory with Pennsylvania commandery of the Trinity will have an Investiture Service as well as be doing volunteer work at the local VFW. This will take place the Weekend of August 25th. Details to follow. Save the date for Kingston N.Y.

Fr. Caesar Johnson

Grand Seneschal


Knights Templar of America

Grand Seneschal Caesar Vocation

April 2018

Greetings and God bless you all.

It is a great blessing to be able to share my vocation with you all.

I have always wanted to be a Catholic priest.   Since I was a child I always felt that I had a calling to the ministry.  Of course Roman Catholic priests are not allowed to be married, and I am also a family man.  I feel I have been called to be a family man as well. 

My grandfather, the Reverend Henry Johnson, was a Southern Baptist pastor in Albany, New York. I grew up in the Roman Catholic Church, St. Mary’s and Saint Joseph’s, where my mother took me in addition to attending my grandfather’s church. 

These churches were two extremes on opposite spectrums. One was the very ritualistic Catholic mass. The other was a very typical, very loud, predominately all black Southern Baptist service. The Catholic service, which was usually 45 minutes to an hour long, was very different from  the all-day, six-hour service in the Baptist church. 

I have learned to embrace both these experiences, which were the first steps to lead me to be ecumenical. The most important part of my calling and my vocation was not choosing a denomination but just the opposite. I have learned through my journey that the most important thing is understanding that Jesus is our Lord and Savior, Jesus is God, and the Holy Trinity is God. 

Also, there are no books equal to or above the authority of the Bible. I find that the universal elements of denominations are the most important aspects of my journey.  Whether Baptist, Catholic, or most other mainline Christian churches, Christians agree on this one thing.

So in my steps seeking out ministry, I became a non denominational minister despite my interest and background in Catholicism.  My grandmother, a devout Roman Catholic, passed away in July 2017 from cancer at the age of 84. She had asked me to always stay Catholic, and honoring her wishes was important to me. Furthermore, I had always wished for an avenue to be a Catholic priest despite being a family man. 

Years ago a good friend of mine, Father DelaCruz, a Catholic priest and also an OSMTJ chaplain, told me about the Old Catholics in Vancouver, Canada, who might help me reach my goal since Old Catholic rules about ordination differ from those of Roman Catholics. So I started the apprenticeship to convert my ordination to an Old Catholic ordination.

I have several reasons for my wanting a Catholic ordination besides the wishes of my grandmother. The first is apostolic succession. As I have been learning in my apprenticeship, I developed an understanding of the importance of apostolic succession. At the same time, I do not believe it is always required. I feel the Lord does call people to be ministers without it. For my own path, however, it is a tradition I would like to be a part of.


Secondly, the mass is very important to me.  The value of mass is my belief; however, I do not impose it on others. Mass is just important for me on my path. I believe as Christ said Peter will be the rock upon which he built his church. I believe that Saint Peter did establish the Catholic Church.   

I further believe that the mass was given to Peter from Christ and passed down for us. In my past ordination, I was not authorized to do a mass. I was looking to legally continue the tradition that Christ himself gave to the apostles and the apostles gave to us in the mass and communion.  With apostolic succession Christ ordained Peter and St. Peter, and then his bishops, and then all the priests, laying hands down to me is incredibly powerful.

Becoming a priest does create a heavy weight on my shoulders because I am constantly under the magnifying glass. Do you ever notice that non believers know more about the rules that Christians are supposed to follow than some Christians do? They will be the first people to point their finger and say, “You’re Christian! You’re not supposed to do that!” So being a Christian, a minister, and priest, I am constantly self-consciously fighting against the flesh.

So now that I am a priest, what are my goals? Where am I going with this? What am I going to do with this blessing and new responsibility? It is my goal to buy a church. I want to set up a youth ministry. I want to have service for the Hispanic community, a local food pantry, and a veterans outreach.

Thank you everyone for reading my vocation. God bless you all and praise be to Jesus.

Father Caesar

Fr. Caesar Johnson

Grand Seneschal


Knights Templar of America

Conclave Information

March 2018

Greetings to all members of OSMTJ-USA KTOA . 

Grand Prior and I have decided that we will be postponing / cancelling the trip to Israel in October this year. 

We tried to get enough members interested and committed to going; however, we did not receive enough response in numbers committed to go to make it feasible. 

It is not entirely out of the question that we want to go over to Israel for our National Conclave, but this year logistically (with all we looked at) is just not possible. 

In the meantime, St Andrew's/St Mark's Investiture in Mississippi will serve as the Order's Conclave as it stands now. 

The date is April 27, 28, 29 in Ripley Mississippi. Lodging is in New Albany, MS, at the Hilton. 

Reservations must be made no later than 1 April 2018. Location (POC) is St Andrew's. Contact Marshall John Harris for code and phone number to reserve group rate we have set up.

                                                                                Non nobi Domine

Connie Lee Carlisle Carlson

Grand Commandant



Dear Writers of chevalier fidèle, As the Grand Prior of the OSMTJ-USA, I want to personally thank you for participating with this newspaper. 


Our moto is Christ first and Templars second. You Writers are showing this moto in live in action by writing about these spiritual topics that glorify God. 

Yes, we may not be Pastors, Priests or theologians, but all of us writers have the God-given right to testify of what we know about the Lord. 

We don't need to be experts or have a PHD behind our name to write what we know. You can see that I reject that notion that you need to be clergy to be a writer for Chevaliers Fideles. 


In the upcoming issues, it's my goal that we have these personal stories of our relationship with God and how we can improve this. 

I hope we talk about chivalry and what it means to be a Monk in the modern age. 


We are all called to be witnesses for Christ's Love and the change He makes in our heart. God bless you and thank you for participating with this paper. 

T. Bryant Jones 

Grand Prior