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June 2018

Why take any kind of vacation when you can take a trip that will make a difference in the lives of people!

A mission trip to the African nation of Uganda is an ideal way to help people who truly appreciate volunteers coming to assist and train. 

These mission trips are led by Rev. Fr. Jan L. Beaderstadt, President of Renaissance Outreach Ministries of Greentown, Indiana. Fr. Jan is an Anglican Priest as well as being a canon of the Church of the Himalayas in Nepal.

People are needed to train teachers, to train nurses in nursing schools, to work on building projects and to train local people in better agricultural practices. Trips can be as short as two weeks or as long as six months. There is also a need for teaching tailoring as the diocese is opening its own tailoring shop to make clergy robes.

    Uganda is a peaceful country. Renaissance Outreach Ministry has been working in the far west of Uganda with the Anglican Diocese of South Rwenzori (Church of Uganda). When in Uganda, Fr. Jan trains priests, deacons and lay leaders for the Diocese. He also has a good ministry with non-Anglicans in the country. 

All trips to Uganda will include your choice of either trekking in the Rwenzori Mountains National Park, which are the highest snow-capped peaks of Africa or doing a jungle safari in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

The center point of the missions is in the city of Kasese, which is close to both national parks. Uganda has electricity and you’ll find in Kasese modern conveniences. Entry into Uganda is easy,and Christians who come to teach are welcome.

For more information contact Fr. Jan at

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From Author Terry Tuley

The period from 1861–1865 proved to be one of the greatest periods of trial and suffering in our nation's history. A significant lapse of time had passed since America had engaged in the horrors of war. After the war of 1812, little memory remained of the fact that war could be “hell.” A veteran of the war with Mexico, General “Stonewall” Jackson wrote to his wife and said, “People who are anxious to bring on war don’t know what they are bargaining for; they don’t see all the horrors that must accompany such an event.”When the prospect of a War Between the States became a reality, the average age of a young soldier was twenty-two. To an aspiring young man who was bored with “life on the farm,” the romanticism and exhilaration of battle was an allurement that soon tried the faith and physical stamina of all who crossed war’s threshold. The threat of losing life and limb from a hailstorm of bullets and shrapnel was compounded by the ever-present danger of dysentery, and all sorts of diseases with little means for treatment. In spite of these frustrating circumstances, many of the soldiers found great consolation and relief through prayer and reading the Bible.Stories of Faith and Courage from the Civil War is a devotional book that opens a rare treasure chest of intimate thoughts and feelings illustrated from the private letters and diaries of both men and women of faith during the Civil War period. The courage and faith examples of these “soldiers of Christ” will inspire both the mind and heart of every reader who desires to have a closer walk with God.

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From Author Terry Tuley

Few Wars in American history brought so many men to their knees. During the War Between the States (1861–1865), young men from the north and south came face to face with their own mortality. Disease, starvation, enemy fire, and inclement conditions motivated the soldiers to look heavenward.

Christian generals and officers of the Civil War led the way to revival in the camps of both Union and Confederate armies. Through their godly influence, preaching, praying, and Bible reading were encouraged. Experience taught these leaders the battles ahead would result in casualties. They could not allow their men to face death and eternity unprepared.

Stories of Faith and Courage from Civil War Officers, explores the lives and experiences of Christian generals and other high ranking officers from both the Union and Confederate ranks through daily devotionals. These devotional readings come alive through the perspectives of some of the war’s key players: Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee, President Abraham Lincoln, and William Rosecrans, to name a few.

Excerpts from original manuscripts, letters, and speeches give this devotional authenticity and accuracy. Unlike many books with historical subjects, this devotional incorporates faith as an important element in the decisions and emotions experienced by those who led the charge in a bitter war that divided not only the States but families and friends within those states.

Many have questioned why a loving God allowed America to experience such bloodshed among its own sons? According to author, “We will never know all the answers until we reach heaven. We can take comfort though in the fact that we serve a just and righteous God who does all things well. (Romans 8:28).

The words of the godly generals and officers presented in this book will encourage readers today, just as they encouraged the hearts of enlisted men over one hundred and fifty years ago

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From Author Willard N. Carpenter

As Mary and Samuel's lover for each other deepens, so does his secrets.

Who is Samuel Hersberger?

Where does an 18-year-old Amish boy go when he ‘jumps the fence’ during his rumspringa? What does he become? Who is he when he returns? Prodigal, is about a young Amish teenager who leaves the Amish community to pursue an education and finds himself, in a unique career, abhorrent to the Amish. His father dying, he returns home 25 years later. Clues involving secrets to his past begin to emerge. Though Prodigal is about the mystery surrounding Samuel, it most importantly is about his wife, Mary, an Amish widow with two children. She is 16 years younger than Samuel, who is all but by name English. Because of her husband’s past, she enjoys and is empowered with freedoms not afforded other Amish married woman. Though she adheres to the tenants of her faith, Mary is also strong, passionate and somewhat independent.

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From Author Willard N. Carpenter

Mary in the darkness of her illness, see light in the unveiling of Samuel's past.

Mary is within her first year of marriage to Samuel who had returned home to their Amish community of Honeybrook, a year earlier, carrying with him secrets of a life time amongst the English. Pregnant and looking forward to the birth of their first child, she arrives home with her family on the last Sunday of January 2002, and collapses from a stroke. Upon awakening that following Monday, she finds herself being attended to in a military hospital far and away from her quiet community. Samuel by her side, Mary begins to find light in the darkness of her illness in the unveiling of Samuel's past, thus beginning her journey into the world of the English and Samuel's 25 years.

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From Authors Miranda Ram-Nolte with

Willard N. Carpenter

We Should Take A Walk Someday: Short Story with Personal Journal Space (notes to Jesus) The true story of what was a young girl's continuing fight with Cancer as told by her in her own words.

How far would you go to keep your sanity? At what point is death a solution? As a carefree child, I never would have entertained these ideas. They were foreign to me, as I was, and generally still am, a very happy person. But there was a time when I wasn’t so happy. There was a time when I felt trapped within my own thoughts and eaten alive by my own fears. I’ve avoided this topic for four years now, and even in the midst of the happening I still avoided the reality. So reader, how far would you go to keep your sanity? Because I’m about to tell you just how far I went and just how insane it made me become. We Should Take A Walk Someday is the true story of a young girls fight with Cancer and her faith which sustained her until she succumbed to her illness.

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From Author Willard N. Carpenter and 

Artist Robert A. Carpenter

For anyone who has ever cried and laughed; ever lost a dear one; or gained a new love; or experienced the tenderness of a child’s hug. “Tears and Smiles” is a book of poems and sketches for the person who has experienced or questioned any part of his or her life. It empathises with you, the reader.

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From Author Willard N. Carpenter as a part of 

Author Murray Pura's "Cry of Freedom"

From Author Willard N. Carpenter as a part of 

Author Murray Pura's Let Freedom Ring